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 Behind the lenses: Matti Leppäkorpi & Joonas Lehtinen

Welcome at JM-MOTORMEDIA´s homepage!

JM-MOTORMEDIA is a finnish team of two members which started up in 2005. JM-motormedia photographs and films different types of motorsport events in Finland. Our shooting scale is quite exhaustive for we shoot rally, rallysprint, folk race, rallycross, track races and sometimes motorbikes and F1 boats. Read more


Because of our web page has also a large group of foreigner visitors we decided to make a part of it also in Eglish.

You can find of following sections an English version.

Only sections above are in English because of lack of time. When you click to following sections you´ll go to the Finnish versions.
You can contact straight to us using our e-mails or contact form which are found from contact-section.

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We hope that you can spend plenty of nice moments with our web page, JM-MOTORMEDIA.COM

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